Friday, December 29, 2006

How was your Christmas?

Ours was fantastic!!! Never before have I been so relaxed on Christmas Day. Nearly all the food was pre-prepared and took DH and I about 5 minutes to cut up some fresh salad and put everything on the table. It was awesome! And we had more than enough food without the "traditional" 6 meats and 10 or so salads.

I love caravan parks - the atmosphere is soooo friendly. I was surprised how many people were there. It wasn't full but there were quite a collection. The people next to us were making their way home slowly from WA to Sydney (they'd been in WA for 12 months and were returning "home"). Very lovely people. :-)

It was coldish for Christmas but the kids still went for a swim. I went for a power walk along the beach. Was supposed to be a run but nursing a sore knee at the moment.

It was different not being around extended family on the day but still quite nice. I enjoyed the freedom of not being surrounded by technological gadgets like TV's, phone's and computers. Not that I'd want to live without them but it's nice to take that break occasionally.

The kids were so well behaved (which made it easier to relax) and want to go back every year for Christmas. :-) Not sure we'll do that but we do plan to mix things around a bit and have some years with extended family and some years where it's just our immediate family.

Now we've got the travelling bug again after talking caravans with some people on the other side of us who have a caravan like we think we'll get (depending on finance naturally). They were very interested in hearing of our plans to take the kids out of school for a term in 2009 to do a trip up the Eastern Coast of Australia. I'm sure it'll come quickly enough (seems to be) but we're now looking forward to it even more. In the meantime we'll enjoy our times away in the camper trailer. Hopefully we'll get away at least once more this summer holidays. Then the plan is some regular weekends away during this year. Yah!

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas. :-)


mrsfroggie1970 said...

I'm so glad your Christmas was relaxing. I'm sure planning ahead makes it all work out well.

Kez said...

I'm so glad you had a great day! I was thinking about you on Xmas Day and wondering how you were going.