Thursday, December 6, 2007

pppssttt.....Lightening's Online.....pass it on.....

If you've happened to notice a little bit of lack of substance (and reduced commenting) from me over the past few days, it's because I have been rather busy working on a new project......

I have TAKEN THE PLUNGE and moved my blog to a self-hosted site.

You can now find me at .

So, now I need you to:

1. Visit my blog and ooh and aaahhhh (via the comments of course) over how good it looks!!!! Not that I can take credit for that. Snoskred has been working very hard to get me up and running. Isn't she a saint?

2. SUBSCRIBE to my new site - it's very easy and fun to do. There's a big PINK button you'll be just dying to press when you see it!!!! :-)

3. Give me a housewarming (or should that be blogwarming????) present. How do you do that? It's so easy! And it won't cost you a thing! I need LOTS of linky-love right now. Can you add a link to my new site in your next post (it can be a tiny little mention right down the bottom or a whole post or whatever you like). You see, I NEED a little leg up into the internet world as I'm starting all over again at the bottom. (If you haven't yet claimed your own blog on Technorati - it's also a great idea to do that. If you're not sure what Technorati is all about you might like to read this post I wrote on Technorati for Beginners. It's not hard, I promise! :-) ).

4. Change my blog URL in your blogroll so that your readers can find me if they like (thank you so much to those of you who have added me to your blogroll).

5. Pass the word around: "psssttt....... Lightening's Online ......pass it on.....". I wonder how far we could get this around the webworld? :-)


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