Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Button that Broke the Mumma's Sanity

....... Or "The Consequences of Spending the Whole Week Finishing a Novel AND Planning a Birthday Party"..........

We have a Baptism to go to this morning. Not a problem. We're regular church goers so getting the family ready to go to church on a Sunday morning isn't a *new* idea to us. Mind you, this isn't our regular church we're going to so I don't feel like I can allow the kids to go with half done hair and unironed shirts with a shrug to my friends that we've had one of those mornings (we have a really great church that accepts us come what may).

WELL!!!! Remember that comment I made about 3 overflowing baskets of ironing????? Not a problem. I can iron a shirt or two (can you tell I'm a good flybaby that gets everything ready the night before????? NOT!!!!).

Only slight little problem...... I'm wearing a black skirt and only have black tops clean! I CAN'T wear all BLACK to a child's baptism!!!!!!!! Can I change? No! Most of my bottoms are currently too small (*sigh* let's not go THERE). This skirt is slightly too BIG but at least I can get oxygen into my system while wearing it!!!! I'm sure I read somewhere that oxygen is *GOOD* for you.....

Quick look at the clock. Think we have time to handwash something and throw it through the tumble dryer before we have to leave......(shhhhh...... don't tell anyone that I'm breaking my own electricity challenge here...... )

Eating breakfast.

Reading Blogs. (I like to multitask).

Avoiding Frogdancers blog so I don't cement up my laptop with weetbix I've sprayed everywhere. Come across a COMMENT left my frogdancer that almost makes me throw up my weetbix (something about a creepy crawly thingy with white stuff oozing out...... you get the picture). Interesting..... laughing makes the weetbix spray all over the screeen (cleanable) whereas throwing...... OK, I won't go there.

DH comes in. "Don't we have any good shirts for TJ?"

I look at him. "Heaps" I say confidently, sure that I've bought him at least 2 this season.

Look in the drawer. Nothing. Look in the ironing pile. Hmmmmm........ starting to wonder what IS in those 3 baskets of ironing cause it sure aint anything USEFUL!!!!!

DH finds a shirt hanging up in the wardrobe (well, fancy that - something hanging in the wardrobe!!!!!! Remind to tell you the story about my dad's shirts one day.....) Shirt that used to be his older brothers. That'll work.

Okay. It's missing a button. When you put it on him his belly BUTTON shows. But apparently that doesn't count as a replacement button.

No problem. I have HEAPS of buttons. I keep every single button that comes attached to clothing when you buy it. Half of them are still in their little packets even!!!!!

Tip the buttons all over my bed. There are trillions of them (well I'm sure there would be if I could COUNT that high).

Kids shirt. Sure to have a nice little clear of white button on it. Got plenty of those...... NO!!!! It's from a surf shop (BIL bought it in Queensland YEARS ago....) It's some fancy schmancy BIG button. Kind of creamy with swirls of brown through it.....

Looking.....looking....... DH doesn't look convinced that the pink button I found fits in quite nicely (in an eclectic kind of way). Right size. Even has some brown flecks throught it......

Back to the drawing boards.....or should I say cupboard????

TJ appears wearing one of the new t-shirts I bought for him. I don't even WANT to know where DH found it!!!!!

*sigh* Think I no longer qualify for "mummy of the year" award. :-)


Michelle said...

Hi, I quite enjoy watching the housework mount up while I do the 'important' tasks of reading blogs and knitting. I keep up with dishes and washing until someone is coming over...... then OMG where do I start? Arrrgggghhhh XXX
Michelle in Melbourne at FA

River said...

Forget buttons. Sew a strip of velcro to the shirt. Or stitch the shirt closed, leaving enough room for the head, have the kids pull them on like t-shirts.........

The Tin House said...

Oh Lightening - I'm there with you sister! I've personally decided that weetbix could be marketed as the next ultra strength industrial glue. Once it's dry, it's right up there with airfix glue for getting off tabletops and I hate to think of the computer screen and the keyboard - aaagh.
p.s. My 3 yrs 10 months son is dreaming of receiving a lightning mcqueen for Christmas. Found one last week at Big W on sale! Ka'ching, ca ca cachow!

lightening said...

Sorry about the delays in responding to your messages. I did try but there were some connection troubles happening here!!! Aaaahhhh....

Michelle - LOL. At least you come up with some fabulous creations for your time investment!!!!

River - your comment made me laugh. Gotta love velcro!!! I even have some that sticks on so you don't have to sew it. Problem is it doesn't stay stuck!!!

Lisa - your son will be so excited!!! I can't WAIT until Christmas this year!!! Okay, I can't wait until Christmas EVERY year! LOL

Anonymous said...

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