Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dare to Dream

The topic of chasing our dreams seems to be one that touches us all. Somewhere deep inside all of us are those yearnings and longings that we're almost afraid to voice for fear that someone might think we're slightly crazy. Or perhaps it's the belief that our dreams really won't come true (especially if we voice them) that holds up back.

I want to challenge you today to "dare to dream". Think about what your dreams are. Write them down on a piece of paper. Better still, pop them in the comments section here. There is nothing like reading about other people's dreams to stimulate the imagination and get us all enthused about our own dreams.

Even just the process of daring to dream and the fun of following those dreams can be extremely fulfilling and fun. Some dreams don't get fulfilled and yet there is a certain fulfillment that comes simply from having those dreams and perhaps making a step or two toward them.

I remember years ago I was running some training sessions and part of one of those sessions was on the topic of dreams. One of the ladies went away from that session with a dream to set up a coffee shop/ youth drop in type centre inside an aeroplane. The amount of fun she had chasing up an aeroplane and sharing her progress with us all (and the fun we had being a part of watching her dream unfold) was phenomenol. She actually got as far as sourcing a plane that could be used. There came a point where she did decide to let go of her dream BUT she (and the rest of the group) learnt an important lesson from that time. Her dream progressed so much further than any of us would have believed. It was a great experience and one I'm grateful to have been a part of.

So, I want to hear your dreams. What are the things in your heart of hearts you'd like to happen in your lifetime?

Here are a few of mine:

* build a house on this farm :-)

* both DH and I to work part-time together (once our children are a little older) so we both have lots of time for other things

* take our children on a 3-month caravanning trip around Queensland and NSW

* get as close to self sufficiency as possible

* work in an orphanage (and maybe even one day adopt some orphans)

* work at a camp-site (I just love the atmosphere of camps)

* have grandchildren (lol - that one is a little outside my realms of control though)

So there you have it - a little glimpse inside my heart of hearts. :-) I don't know yet whether I'll see all these dreams come to fruition. Maybe over time some of them will change. I'm sure new dreams will emerge. It doesn't matter. Just having those dreams gives some kind of meaning and direction to my life.

Go on.... Dare to Dream....Dare to Share Your Dreams. :-)


Kin said...

Hmmm, my dreams:

* To be finished having kids by the time I'm 30 (I'll be 27 when #3 and last is born)

* To study law (in progress)

* To work in either a big law firm, for the courts or for government in drafting/reviewing legislation

* To own a smallish property

* For my kids to have choices in their lives

I think that's about it. I'm conent as far as dreams go because I know I'm working towards them now. It was a large part of my unhappiness during my early childraising years that I was doing nothing to get where I wanted to be, leading me to possibly worse decisions like working full-time with two kids in daycare.

lightening said...

Great dreams Kin! :-) Thanks for sharing. My youngest was 6 months old when I turned 30. Not that I had a lot of choice since we had a bit of trouble with 2 of our conceptions (and a miscarriage).

Sounds like you're well on track to reach your dreams though - that would be a great feeling.

Ali said...

My dreams for the future:

* when my daughter leaves home(she's 11 now!) hubbie and I would like to work overseas for a yr or 2, somewhere in Asia. In that time I plan that my work will be volunteer ~ helping community/people to become self sufficient growing produce etc. I have wanted to do this for about 15 yrs and fortunately I have a husband that supports my ideas and he'd love to work overseas.

* to be alot more self sufficient ~ working on this continually :)

* to have paid of our mortgage in 10 yrs

that's all I can think of right now....

Ali said...

forgot to add ~

what a great post ~ thank you

lightening said...

Ali - I love your dreams!!! I'm the same with my dreams to become more self sufficient - one little baby step at a time. :-) Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Anonymous said...

Let me see.
*My partner to beat his illness
* to grow all our own fruit and veg
* Have a good Frugal life
*For my son to know that I am always there for him
* Pay the house off
* Get back into the work force 3 days a week in a job that I have just spent 18 months training for.
Gosh thats all I can think of but I am sure there is more

lightening said...

Oh my Rhonda Gay - I really really hope your partner recovers from his illness.

Good luck with your job hunting too. :-)

Lisa said...

* For my children to grow up and be happy with their lives

* To build my dream, green home on a small block

* To be able to live in elegant simplicity when I retire

lightening said...

Great dreams Lisa - I hope you get to realise them all!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome Blog Lightening. I asked DH what his dreams were last night. Apart from building a bomb shelter ours are pretty much the same
Something else I found interesting is that some of yours are a bit like mine. Orphanages for eg.

* Own acerage property & build it to 95% self sufficient (power, water, food)

* Fill our home with babies & children (adopt & fostering arn't ruled out here)

* For DH to work from home

* Homeschool are children

* Travel the world a little bit

lightening said...

Hi Amy B. I'm glad you like the blog. :-) Thanks for sharing your dreams. It's so much fun reading other people's dreams!!! I love the way you've got a percentage on your self sufficiency dreams.