Friday, May 25, 2007

The Day the Computer Died

Isn't it funny how we don't know how much we truly rely on something until we no longer have it? Last Sunday our computer died a slow and painful death. We tried several attempts to revive it but it just got sicker and sicker on each restart until finally it could hold on no longer. It's okay though, no need for tears. Our trusty computer doctor is doing a heart transplant as we speak and we should have our computer back with us in a week or so.

It's been very quiet around here without our computer. For something that barely says a word, it's amazing how much personality it added to my days. Okay, it's really the connection with others far away that provides the "noise" of the computer in my life. The house seemed so empty and lonely. I spent most of my days spinning in circles not sure where to start and desperately wanting to just get on the computer and touch base with my net friends.

Poor DS has also been afflicted with "computerlessitis". He has an AFL dream team as well as playing some AFL competition to do with his AFL cards. Come Monday morning he was devastated that he couldn't check his team scores to see how well he did over the weekend. By Wednesday morning he was more concerned with how he was going to arrange his team for the current weekends play than finding out his scores for last weekend. Thankfully my brother came to the rescue there.

DD couldn't understand why she couldn't play her games after school. DH couldn't get his weather update or go truck shopping. I couldn't do a search for a recipe I wanted to make up.

I'm not sure if you'd class us as being "addicted" to the computer. But it sure has infiltrated our lives in many many ways.

How am I writing this post then you ask? Well DH in his usual "white knight to the rescue" mode couldn't cope with a despondant wife and grumpy children so he went out and bought a new one with money he doesn't have. :-) He's been needing an excuse to buy a second computer for some time now as he just about needs a crowbar to get onto the computer for business purposes (what the computer was originally bought for).

So we have a new little toy to play with. It wasn't expensive but it sure fills a lot of gaps in our life right now. All I have to do now is wait with baited breath to see how much our kind computer doctor has been able to save from our dying hard drive.

For those of you who I'm in contact with privately - you might like to drop me an email. I'm not ignoring you by not returning your messages. I no longer have said messages nor your email address. So I'm hoping you either drop by here or give up waiting and decide to email me again. :-)

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emma said...

I would miss my computer very very much, especially for financial stuff (budgetting / bill paying etc). And also for time-wasting! ;) Re-sent a msg from last Friday, it was late even then lol so a week won't matter. I wasn't worried that I didn't hear back, as it's not the kind of message that needs replying to, but thought I'd resend just in case you didn't get it the first time. Oh do you use MSN Jodi? Let me know if you'd like to swap msn addys... :)