Thursday, March 29, 2007


Some days I just feel like I'm drowing in stuff. I think it has more to do with my mood on any given day than anything. However, it's always a good time for me to declutter. I tend to be more ruthless when I'm feeling claustrophic about how much stuff we have. So, today I have decluttered 4 grocery bags of stuff! It's only gotten as far as the laundry so far but hopefully will get to either the rubbish or the Vinnie's bin in the next couple of days.

*deep contented sigh* I always feel like I can breathe so much easier when I've done some decluttering. :-) Now I'm all enthused to do some more and really make a dent in it. Although I think decluttering is one of those jobs you almost need to be doing constantly, especially with kids bringing home piles of paperwork from school. I'm not opposed to keeping some of their work but the amount that comes home is just unreal!

I also got my 6 year old daughter's room a little under control. She loves to pull everything out when she's playing but isn't so great at putting it all back again. She's very creative too. When she's playing with her dollshouse or her Baby Annabell she loves to cut up bits of paper to make "food" and all kinds of "extras" to add to her game. We gave her a box of making things for her birthday in January which she absolutely loves but it sure does creative a large mess on the bedroom floor. LOL. It makes me feel so much better when it's tidy, even if it doesn't worry her one way or the other. It's not that she doesn't tidy it up herself but every few weeks I need to go in there and just do those extra bits of sorting out and decluttering that keep it from becoming a complete disaster zone.

The other areas I tamed today were the fridge and part of the pantry cupboard. I do have *homes* for most things but the rest of the family can't seem to remember where things go (DH in particular LOL) so it's a regular resorting job to keep things in some semblence of order. The fridge makes me smile when I open it now. DH reckoned it blinded him when he opened the door. LOL. I did wipe it out while I was about it but it wasn't really all that dirty. Perhaps now that it's back to an organised state, you can see more of the white interior.

Despite being tired, I must have been in a "go for it" mood today as I pulled the vents out of the rangehood while I was doing my weekly clean of the stovetop, pulled out and washed the racks for the oven while I was wiping out the oven and cleaned the microwave trays and turntable as well. Now everything in my kitchen makes me smile again.

Tea tonight: Thursday night's I try to menu plan a low or no meat meal. Tonight we had fried rice. Yummo!!!! Goes down well with the whole family. It's one of the only meals we have where the kids will ask for seconds.


mrsfroggie1970 said...

15 Minutes a day will work wonders

lightening said...

Absolutely - but I'm not all that great at being consistent. LOL. But I do what I can when I can and I *think* I'm making progress. :-)