Monday, March 26, 2007

Permission to Potter

I was feeling quite tired this morning so I gave myself permission to potter for the day. I gradually pottered my way through folding several loads of washing that had backed up as well as getting 2 loads washed and dried on the line. Managed to get the ironing caught up in a couple of smaller session of ironing and got all of the clothes put away (everyone's drawers are now decidedly less "empty" looking). Just before tea I got the step ladder out and found the kids winter pj's given our nights are beginning to get cold. Some tidying up also happened as I "pottered" about the place. DS(3) was feeling a little clingy today so we enjoyed some nice cuggles together as well as sitting on the front verandah enjoying some cut up orange and watching our kitten play. He then decided he'd help me get the front garden weeded. In between all of that I had time to read some of my novel while resting on the bed and spent several sessions on the computer catching up with online friends. If you'd asked me this morning whether I thought I could accomplish all of this today I would have responded with a resounding "no". I think I might give myself "permission to potter" more often. :-)

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emma said...

Awww that sounds just lovely Jodi, especially the 'cuggles'. I love days like that, I think tomorrow I'll try and get my jobs done early so the rest of my day can be a 'potter day'.