Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sun, Sea n Surf

Well we're back from a week away at the beach. It was wonderful to spend some quantity time with our kids and very relaxing.

I must admit for the first few days we didn't see a lot of sun. I do love the beach when it's overcast though. :-) On our first morning there I went for a jog along the beach and it was spectacular. The waves were more ferocious than usual and looked fantastic against the grey backdrop of the sky. The vastness of the ocean and the power in the waves makes me realise how small I really am in the scheme of things. It follows then that if I'm small (and by small I don't mean insignificant), my problems are small too. Well, it helps me to put everything back into some kind of perspective.

On the second morning I was treated to another wonderful sight. The sun was peaking through the clouds in streaks of light. You couldn't actually see the sun but it was such a wonderful example of how penetrating such a small amount of light can be.

From then on we had beautiful blue skies. It was warm enough to go swimming but not so hot that it was uncomfortable. Okay, so it was only warm enough on 1 day for me to go swimming but the rest of the family went swimming every day. :-) I'm fussy when it comes to going swimming - it has to be fairly warm. All up we felt that we'd had great weather for the week though.

I find something special about being at the beach. A real sense of peace and unity with nature. We're lucky too that where we go isn't a crowded beach and at times we were the only ones there.

So, we're home, rested, relaxed and ready to jump into work with heaps of enthusiasm and energy... Well, we're home, rested and relaxed anyway. :-) Neither DH nor I have been all that keen to jump in boots and all (still in holiday mode). But it is Saturday.

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