Friday, December 29, 2006

Use it up Challenge - update 3

Well I was doing well with my use it up challenge. Christmas provided a great opportunity to use up some of the bits and pieces of melting chocolate that needed using up. I didn't buy any for baking this year. :-) Some of my other baking supplies were made use of too.

Our Easiyo sachets are now more "up to date". I had some that were in need of fast use but they're now gone and we're back in the "habit" of making yoghurt which is an added bonus.

I've just made 2 meals worth of chicken kebabs and used up a sample sachet of honey soy marinade. They work out to about half the price of store bought ones, although I didn't factor in the cost of the marinade as it was a "freebie". I'd like to try making some lamb kebabs and perhaps stretching the meat out by adding some vegies (if I can find some the kids will eat - they're not big fans of traditional kebab type vegies like capsicum, onion and cherry tomatoes). Will try some pieces of zucchini and perhaps some baby corn or something. We'll see.

Just checking my use it up list now and I really need to use up some bits of jam. Planning to make jam drop biscuits but it hasn't happened yet. Will have to wait for a cooler day. Or perhaps one day I could make up the foundation biscuit mix and freeze in logs. That way I can just bake a few at a time in the microwave (has a convection oven in it as well) as that heats up the house much less than the main oven. Don't you love how just writing things out can help you come up with solutions. :-)

Now for the challenge to the "use it up challenge". We seem to have accumulated all manner of food in the lead up to Christmas. I just can't seem to help myself - all those goodies on special. So for the month of January I'm going to play the "how low can you go" game and see how little I can spend on food. That way we should eat our way through some of what we have on hand and save ourselves a few dollars at the same time. I'll keep you posted on how I go.


mrsfroggie1970 said...

I could learn something from this having just thrown out heaps of stuff that didn't get used on Boxing Day!

mrsfroggie1970 said...

I thought about you yesterday when I cleaned out the five craft drawers in my study. You've inspired me to have my own "use it up" challenge with my craft gear. I'm not going to buy anything new this year unless it's needed for something special. I've got tons of stuff to "use up"